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What Is Difference Between Paraphrasing And Summarizing? - Jawaraspeed

What Is Difference Between Paraphrasing And Summarizing? - Jawaraspeed

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In fact, both processes involve condensing and simplifying written text to make it easier to understand.

However, a summary must be distinct from a paraphrase and cannot contain elements of the original text.

To help readers distinguish between the two processes, it’s helpful to know what makes a good summary and how to create one.

A good summary must clearly communicate the main ideas of the original text in a short amount of time.

This is why many people choose to produce a paraphrase rather than a summary.

A direct quote or statement conveys your ideas without needing to interpret anything for your readers.

However, this can be misleading if it doesn’t accurately represent your opinion or ideas.

To make an informed decision about how to convey information, you must first understand what elements make up a good statement and what makes a good summary.

When creating summaries or direct quotes for communicating ideas, be honest about what you know so that readers can interpret what you mean correctly.

Honesty in communication will help everyone better understand what you mean by choosing an appropriate process for conveying information effectively in the first place!

One way to distinguish between an informative and ill-informed paraphrase is by considering its purpose— namely, whether it helps readers understand your opinion or not.

For example, if you wanted to explain why you dislike pickles but didn’t care whether they were spicy or not— you could include both aspects in your quote or statement.

In this case, your intention isn’t to help readers understand your opinion; it’s merely to get your point across without editing it first.

A similar approach would be needed if you intended to insult someone by including his opinion in your explanation— again, no editing would be needed since you weren’t trying to communicate anything useful.

By understanding this approachable concept, you can better decide how best to convey information when writing summaries or parables.

Another element that makes for an informative statement is being honest about what you know and don’t know when writing summaries and essays.

Many people are unwilling or unable to admit when they don’t have enough knowledge about something before expressing their views on the subject anyway.

Doing so can encourage others who are willing to honestly reveal their lack of knowledge on subjects like politics and religion since they know someone else will speak up when they don’t know enough either! Summaries are often used as instructional pieces because they clearly present facts without interpretation for the reader— this makes them ideal for conveying information accurately when presenting facts honestly instead of hiding ignorance behind interpretive language or vague generalities like “it seems like” or “it appears that way”.


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