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When I Conduct The Core Web Vitals Audit?

When I Conduct The Core Web Vitals Audit?

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In 2012, Google announced a major update to Google .

In addition to the usual features of Google , the company also introduced a new feature called Google Webmasters.

As part of this program, Google conducts a weekly web audit of websites and provides direct assistance to webmasters in improving their websites.

The core focus of an audit is determining which aspects of a website can and should be optimized for higher rankings in search engines.

Conducting an audit is essential for any website owner who wants to improve rankings and traffic.

Setting up guidelines for what constitutes the “core” aspect of any website can help improve overall site performance through proper optimization strategies based on current SEO trends and strategies .

Although no two websites need follow exactly the same model when conducting an audit , most owners will benefit from closely following guidelines such as those mentioned above so they can produce quality content that ranks well in search engines while simultaneously building trust with their target audience .


The most common approach is to use the model of a “10/90” scorecard.

On the 10-point side, there would be general aspects such as branding, social media integration, site usability and content quality.

On the 90-point side, there would be more specific aspects such as landing page performance, backlink profile and internal linking structure.

In this context, “core” refers to those aspects that are essential for ranking well in search engines for particular keyword phrases.

The core components that comprise an optimal web audit include quantifying how many pages are needed per key phrase as well as defining which aspects should appear on which page(s).

For example: if only five relevant pages exist per low-competition keyword (as mentioned above), then it makes sense to target these pages with high-quality content since less than ten URLs will be able bring enough traffic to rank for this keyword phrase successfully.

Alternatively— if there are 100 relevant pages targeting this low-competition keyword — then producing ten times more high-quality content than would be required under normal circumstances would be ideal.

Focusing on producing quality instead of quantity when targeting competitive keywords makes sense in these situations since improving rankings does not rely solely on traffic generation but also depends on creating long-term value for Google through quality backlinks and internal linking structure .

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