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Why Is Paraphrasing And Summarizing Important? - Jawaraspeed

Why Is Paraphrasing And Summarizing Important? - Jawaraspeed

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Communication is essential in all aspects of our daily lives.

Without it, humans would not have the ability to share ideas or learn.

Communication is a process where one person conveys their thoughts and feelings to another person through writing, speech or any other method.

Communication can be verbal or written; it can be direct or indirect.

Interpersonal communication is when two people communicate with each other verbally, while public communication is communication that is directly observable by anyone in the same area as the communicating parties.

Interpersonal communication includes emails, text messages and verbal conversations with friends and family members.

Media such as newspapers and television also communicate ideas via print and broadcasted media.

Throughout history, many great works of literature have been created by great authors who used exemplary writing skills to communicate ideas to readers worldwide.

An example of a well-written literary work using exemplary writing skills would be J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy— a masterpiece that has left an everlasting mark on readers’ minds around the world.

When communicating ideas from a source, it is important to use several different techniques so that your reader understands your thoughts and feelings accurately.

One such technique is known as “paraphrasing” or “summarizing”— using the words and ideas of a source in your own words so that your reader understands what you are trying to say without repeating the original author’s words verbatim.

For instance, consider this quote from Stephen King’s novel Bag of Bones: “Sleep doesn't come easy for Danny's mother...

she's got this bag of bones that won't let her rest...

It won't let her sleep at all...

She's got these dreams where she's walking along this beach at night with a guy she doesn't know very well...

he keeps calling her name and she keeps walking right past him...

The name he keeps calling her isn't her name at all! It's Carol!” Although King wrote those words, he did not directly state his meaning through his paraphrasing as he understood his characters better than anyone else could know what he was trying to say while keeping his characters true to life.

In other words, paraphrasing allows you to express your thoughts in your own words rather than having someone else interpret what you said for him first before understanding what you meant based on how you phrased things through re-publishing your original words verbatim from the source material.

Another way to effectively communicate ideas is by using sources effectively— ensuring you understand the ideas correctly before presenting your own thoughts on them so that you do not plagiarize someone else’s work by presenting ideas that sound similar but are not yours either through misunderstanding or misinterpreting what has been said originally.

To do this effectively, take time before writing anything down so that you can think about what you want to say before committing anything to paper for later readability and comprehension by yourself alone or with anyone else who will be able to understand your thoughts once they are presented accurately through thinking first rather than simply spouting whatever comes into your head without thinking first about how those thoughts will clearly communicate your feelings without misunderstanding anyone else’s feelings once they understand what you have meant based on how you have phrased things coherently enough for others to understand without confusion.

Using sources effectively will ensure that your reader understands what you mean without confusion once he has read enough of your work to gain a proper understanding of what you are saying coherently enough for him to apply what he has learned in his daily life situations should he chose to do so after gaining a proper understanding of what has been communicated through thinking first about how best to communicate one’s thoughts so as not to misunderstand anyone else’s feelings once those feelings have been understood clearly enough for others to apply those learned lessons when necessary in their daily lives based on how they have understood yours since applying those learned

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