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Why Should You Conduct The Core Web Vitals Audit?

Why Should You Conduct The Core Web Vitals Audit?

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Many companies and individuals use websites to communicate with customers and clients.

A website’s performance is essential for a communication tool.

A web performance audit is a comprehensive investigation of a website’s performance that recommends improvements to enhance user experience.

It helps organizations understand the strengths, weaknesses and potential of their websites.

Conducting a web performance audit is an effective way to improve the user experience of your website.

Once you have defined your objectives, it’s time to conduct the core web vitals audit methodology.

The core web vitals audit consists of seven core steps: baseline data collection, analysis, plan creation, implementation, review and optimization (1).

Baseline data collection involves collecting statistics on current website performance levels so you can establish baseline data points (2).

Analysis follows next and involves analyzing how users navigate through different pages on your website— this is known as page load time (3).

A plan for improving website performance follows analysis; this involves implementing changes suggested by the results of the analysis (4).

Finally, after improving site performance, it’s essential to repeat the core web vitals audit process to ensure ongoing improvements (5).

Conducting a web performance audit is beneficial for accurately diagnosing how users perceive your website’s user experience.

Typically, organizations that perform external audits find that their websites are suffering from inconsistent page loading times and slow navigation speeds between pages.

A good place to start when planning for improving site performance is establishing baseline levels first— this will help you identify areas of improvement early on.

After performing the core web vitals audit methodology on your own website, look into getting help from an external consultant or agency if you need further assistance with your investigation process.


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