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Image Post Optimization For Bloggers From the Past - En Jawaraspeed

Image Post Optimization For Bloggers From the Past - En Jawaraspeed

*Past bloggers used to optimize their images by cropping them with a knife or scissors.

Cropping reduces the image's size while preserving its quality by removing part of the image area.

However, today's bloggers can use HTML and CSS to create images that are both optimized for space and for the human eye.

They can do this by using responsive images with HTML5 and CSS3 elements such as masks, text-based layers, vector graphics and much more.

To see these new image optimization techniques in action, check out YouTube videos depicting responsive imagery ghosts or animated GIFs created through responsive art using CSS transforms with masks, alpha compositing and other HTML5 elements.

Optimizing images is crucial when sharing photos online or on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Generally speaking, computers - especially laptops - use lower resolution settings than phones and tablets do when accessing web content such as blog posts or online photos.

To ensure that readers see your image clearly, you must first reduce file size before sending it via email or posting it on a website for mobile access.

Next, you should check your image compression settings so that it looks best when viewed on various devices- such as tablets versus phones versus computers versus laptops versus all other types of devices combined.

Having an online presence is more important than ever before.

Everyone has at least one blog and social media profile nowadays.

Using blogs and social media, people share ideas, thoughts and opinions regarding various topics.

People also share photos of their daily life to enhance the reader's understanding of the subject.

Optimizing images for space makes your content easier to read and understand.

Bloggers have used many strategies over the years to optimize their images for space.

Here are some of those strategies from the past that could help you today.

To increase traffic to their blogs, past bloggers used a variety of strategies including posting frequently and creating content that appeals to the public's interests.

Each blogger chose an audience that he wanted to reach and then wrote blogs specifically for his target demographic.

Next, he planned his blog posts carefully so he could post frequently and build an engaged readership interested in his topic area.

Once this was accomplished, he could focus on creating engaging content that would captivate his readers' attention and earn him links back to his blog.

Other bloggers have used competitions or giveaways as ways of attracting new readers to their blogs.

Alternatively, some have attracted publicity by working with media outlets such as newspapers or television stations- which then promotes blogs directly to its target audience through regular newsfeeds or segments on shows relevant to that audience's interests.


HTML5 is a recent update to the web browser that increases the speed and accessibility of the web.

For this reason, it is commonly referred to as web4.0.

It also supports audio, video, 3D, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Directories and hyperlinks among others.

All these features make it easier for people to access information on the internet.

In addition, HTML5 adds the concept of tabs, which allow multiple web pages to run simultaneously on a computer's CPU.

CSS3 allows for multiple-screen viewing by not requiring re-rendering when viewed on different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Past bloggers learned creative strategies for optimizing images for space back in the internet's early days - before HTML5 made responsive techniques accessible to everyone.

By experimenting with new tools like responsive imagery, today's bloggers can inspire new audiences while building their blogs with relevant content that attracts readers through compelling topics and frequent postings.

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