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We Can Change Font Color In Blogger Comment Column - Jawaraspeed

We Can Change Font Color In Blogger Comment Column - Jawaraspeed

Bolding and italicsizing your text makes it easier for other users to read and understand your comments.

You can do this by selecting colors from a color picker or adding a background image to your comment.

Avoid using all caps when adding your comment to maximize reader comprehension.

One of the features that make blogging great is the ability to comment on other people's blogs.

However, commenting can be difficult to understand when written in black or white fonts.

To make your comments stand out, you should increase their contrast.

You can bold or italicized your text to make your comments more readable.

You can change the colors used in these fonts by using the color picker in Blogger.

Simply select the color you want from the menu and your font changes immediately.

Alternatively, you can change these colors using the custom CSS code option in the settings menu.

Afterward, simply add a rule for 'comment' and input your code.

The background image option allows you to add visual interest to your comment.

For example, you could add a picture of a cat or dog to make your comment stand out even more.

Here is an example of a comment with a dog as its background image:

Bold and italicized text is an easy way to improve the readability of your comment.

Typically, you will bold your text using an Arial bold font.

This makes your text bold, black and white in color.

It also adds a blue highlight around each capitalized letter in the word 'bold.' Additionally, you can add an italicized tag to your comment by using an Arial italic font.

These tags are usually blue and highlight each letter in the word 'italic.' You can see an example of a bold and italicized comment on Youtube below:

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