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10 Ways To Get Your Blog Ranked In Google Without Footprints - EN Jawaraspeed

10 Ways To Get Your Blog Ranked In Google Without Footprints - EN Jawaraspeed

# Search results are generated by the algorithms Google uses to interpret users’ queries.

Websites that appeal to certain searches receive higher rankings in the search results pages.

This is called search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engines look at several factors when determining rankings- such as how many pages a website has, how relevant the website’s content is and whether the website’s code is messy or easy to navigate.

Essentially, Google regards relevance as the most important factor when ranking websites.

The number one online search engine is Google.

In 2012, over 90 percent of all internet traffic was directed at Google search pages.

Every website uses Google as a main source of traffic.

Many websites also use Google to determine their rankings and to update their content frequently.

When a website ranks high in a search, people see its relevance and understand the information it provides.

Ranking high in a search means your website has important information that people want to access.

Every webpage on the internet qualifies as a potential source of information for online searches.

This means there are billions of websites with countless pages of content everyone would love to access.

To help this process, Google ranks websites based on the number of web pages they have in its 3 main categories: text, image and video.

These three categories are separated into subcategories such as text and links, images and HTML code and so on.

Essentially, Google has an infinite number of ways to rank websites; there’s no limit to how many ways it can categorize them.

Various factors other than relevance determine a website’s rank in the search results page.

Google takes into account the quantity, quality and relevance of incoming links when ranking websites.

A link is an internet address where someone directs you to another webpage- essentially, it’s an arrow pointing to another webpage.

High-ranking websites have a lot of relevant links pointing to them from other high-ranking websites within the same category.

Conversely, low-ranking websites have a lot of irrelevant links pointing toward them from other low-ranking websites within the same category.

Additionally, low-ranking websites have messy or hard-to-navigate HTML code whereas high-ranking websites have clean code that makes it easy for people to navigate through their pages.

Google is one of the most popular web browsers; it has revolutionized how people access information on the internet and affected our daily lives in many ways.

The rankings their algorithms give are based on the relevance of a website’s content compared to what users query for.

Anyone can improve their website’s rankings by implementing strategies such as SEO and improving website content quality.


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