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Closing The Pipeline Through Wellness Programs: The Impact Of A Standing Desk Intervention On Musculoskeletal Pain, Fat - EN Jawaraspeed

Closing The Pipeline Through Wellness Programs: The Impact Of A Standing Desk Intervention On Musculoskeletal Pain, Fat - EN Jawaraspeed

Being on your feet or standing up is our natural state, but many of us spend many hours each day sitting down.

As a result, we experience a wide range of health problems related to sitting down all the time.

In fact, a 2015 study revealed that 65% of workplace health issues are caused by employees spending too much time sitting down.

Thankfully, there are simple solutions for avoiding these problems.

One option is to change the way you work by using a standing desk intervention.

Both physical and mental fatigue can cause musculoskeletal pain.

For example, staying active prevents you from getting tired and injure yourself.

Stretching also helps you stay active and strong.

In addition, a healthy diet reduces the amount of time you spend hungry and focuses your diet on fruits and vegetables.

Essentially, staying active and eating healthily reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down.

However, many people still don’t feel comfortable coming forward about their fatigue and pain.

This is because they don’t want to look weak or appear like they’re sick.

By changing their workstation setup, however, they can combat fatigue and pain at work.


Stretching before starting work also helps you get started with a positive mindset.

In addition, writing down your daily tasks ahead of time reduces procrastination and helps you stay organized.

Choosing an ergonomic chair also prevents back pain while avoiding excess swaying and vibration.

All these steps help you get started working productively without worrying about physical or mental fatigue.

A standing desk intervention is a great way to combat physical and mental fatigue at work- but few employees are willing to make this change themselves.

Even setting up your workstation properly can help with fatigue – but few people are willing to make this change either for themselves or their employees.

That’s why employers who understand the benefits of a standing desk intervention are generally good employers in this regard as well!

A simple change in workstation setup can also help with physical and mental fatigue.

Casters help move chairs easily between workstations, which reduces walking back and forth between stations.

Changing the height of your desktop also reduces having to bend down to access your work materials.

A raised computer also reduces eye level with the keyboard and decreases pink eye due to poor lighting conditions.

Generally speaking, healthy office environments promote greater productivity while reducing physical and mental fatigue.


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