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Here Are Some Examples Of Our Recent And - EN Jawaraspeed

Here Are Some Examples Of Our Recent And - EN Jawaraspeed

* Events that have a major impact on many people’s lives are known as events of social significance.

These events are typically major tragedies or changes to society that create conflict and strife.

Such events include the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression and the Vietnam War.

A major effect of these events is that they help to shape the current and future political climate and social norms.

In addition, they have a major impact on how communities react to these events and on the general public attitude towards these issues.

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and parts of Louisiana in August 2017, causing billions of dollars in damage and thousands of deaths.

This hurricane was one of the most destructive ever recorded.

It caused flooding, damaged buildings, caused thousands of injuries and many deaths due to carbon dioxide poisoning.

Over six million people were directly affected by this hurricane, which caused a public outcry for help.

Many areas are still recovering from the harsh effects of this hurricane.

Vegas shootings changed the perception of modern America towards gun violence.

On October 1st 2017, a lone gunman opened fire at a country music festival from his hotel room.

He killed at least 58 people and injured over 500 more before committing suicide.

The incident occurred in the most lavish area of Vegas- an area known as The Bellagio.

It was one of the most brutal shootings in recent history.

Many celebrities took to social media to express their grief and horror at the event, leading to a change in public opinion towards guns.

The incident shocked the nation and led to far-reaching discussions on gun control laws and mental health facilities in America.


They help mold opinions about recent tragedies or changes to society regarding issues such as gun control or racism.

Additionally, these events can inspire creative solutions to problems or tragedies such as hurricanes or mass shootings in Las Vegas or Houston.

White supremacist groups held a rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th 2017 where violence broke out between counter protesters and far-right activists.

Both sides were violently aggressive towards each other with many injuries occurring.

A protestor drove his car into a group of counter protesters, killing at least one person and injuring numerous others.

The rally was sparked after a Pro-Confederate group planned a rally to support southern independence from the US.

This rally escalated into far-right groups violently attacking anti-fascist activists and the local community with over 20 deaths occurring on both sides.

This sparked an outcry from both the public and politicians towards how racist groups are influencing modern day politics through hateful actions such as this one.


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