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How Can Law Enforcement Use Footprinting To Track Criminals? - EN Jawaraspeed

How Can Law Enforcement Use Footprinting To Track Criminals? - EN Jawaraspeed

# Tracking or following someone’s footsteps has been an old practice for centuries.

It is still used by wildlife conservationists and search and rescue teams.

They use it to identify the locations of animals or people in distress.

Tracking is also an exploration technique used by geologists and archaeologists to locate new sites.

Tracking has many applications in daily life; footprints left behind by criminals are used to investigate crimes.

Tracked criminals are used as a security measure to prevent future crime occurrences.

Footprints are the left behind evidence of movement.

They can be easily identified since each person leaves unique prints.

Investigators use this information to track down suspects and follow up on leads.

It also helps them pinpoint where a person moved from, allowing them to return to the original location.

Tracking is particularly useful in cases where people have moved locations without informing their relatives.

This makes footprints a vital part of criminal investigations.


They do this intentionally so that people know they are looking for clues.

After following foot prints, investigators look for other evidence such as broken branches or scuff marks in the dirt.

Doing so leaves behind their own unique traceable evidence.

This allows law enforcement agencies to quickly find whoever has wronged them and bring them justice.

Footprints and tracking devices have many uses in everyday life.

They help law enforcement agencies solve crimes, find lost children and pets and explore new areas.

Tracking devices are especially useful when used by search and rescue teams to find people who are injured or lost in the wilderness.

Being able to identify where someone has been gives you greater control over your life, making foot prints and tracking devices essential to modern society!

Tracking devices, also known as ‘dog collars,’ ‘animal spotters’ and ‘trackers,’ are metal plates attached to animals’ backs with a string.

The tracker moves along in front of the animal, leaving a trail of noise which can be followed by humans.

Hunters use this method to find prey and Search and Rescue teams use it to locate people who are lost or injured in the wilderness.

The device consists of two parts- a metal plate and a string which attaches it to the animal’s body.

The plate has several holes drilled into it so that the animal can attach itself without harming itself.

The animal keeps the plate on its body at all times, except while sleeping, eating or drinking water.


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