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How to Make Navigationbar Favicon Menu By Rafi Ahmad. - EN Jawaraspeed

How to Make Navigationbar Favicon Menu By Rafi Ahmad. - EN Jawaraspeed

A menu that lists all of your application’s functions is called a navigation bar.

It appears at the left or right side of a web page and provides easy access to the content on that page.

Each application has its own way of creating a navigation bar.

Here are some examples: an online shopping website may include a navigation bar with the company’s logo, product names and links to different pages within the website; a publishing house may include links to its chapters and publications; a corporation or organization may include links to different departments or sections.

The choices are limitless when it comes to creating a navigation bar.

A navigation bar’s favicon should be easy to recognize and readable at a small size.

This is because it will appear next to the URL in internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Therefore, you should make your favicon easily recognizable by using high-resolution graphics and text.

You should also ensure that your favicon clearly represents the website’s content.

For example, if your website sells shoes, your favicon should feature shoes of different colors and styles.

In addition, if your website promotes an authors’ group, your favicon should feature book titles or images related to books.

Since most mobile users use Android devices, you should be able to select any icon for the favicon.

Most Android users access their applications via an application tray that appears on the home screen of their device.

Therefore, you should create an application tray with your desired icon as its favicon.

You can then add this tray image to your web page as the favicon.

This way, whenever an Android user opens your webpage on his device, he will see your desired icon in his application tray instead of your chosen one.

You should also consider how the selected icon will represent the content of your website when viewed on a smaller screen.

For example, if you have an online photo album website, you should add images of various subjects in your chosen favicon’s clothing style.

This way, when readers view images from your website on their mobile phones, they will see pictures that reflect what they are looking for.

In addition, if you have an animal rescue group, you should add images of dogs and cats in animal rescue group clothing styles so readers see animals rescued by that group.


It can help new users understand what functions are available on the page and choose which one they would like to use quickly and easily.

Additionally, since Android users frequently access their apps via their application tray, making it easy for them to identify and select from your menu is critical for good user experience.


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