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It's Time To Stop 'Thinking' About Seo And Start Doing - EN Jawaraspeed

It's Time To Stop 'Thinking' About Seo And Start Doing - EN Jawaraspeed

Apart from penalizing wrongdoings, search engines also reward certain behaviours that encourage people to visit your website – especially when searching for information.

For example, if you write content relevant to your website’s niche, this will greatly increase the number of people who visit your site when looking for it.

Search engine optimization also involves creating strategic content for popular websites and building links to these sites from yours.

Create high-quality content for popular websites and submit it for inclusion on those sites’ lists of approved content.

When someone links to one of these sites from an external source such as social media, this increases the number of visits to your website without having to do any extra work on your part.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s ranking algorithms.

It is an essential element in marketing and designing websites.

However, most people think that optimizing a website involves only technical actions like keyword research and writing excellent web content.

This is a common misconception; optimizing your website involves a lot of Mental Actions as well as Technical actions.

Even though technical actions are crucial, optimization strategies are only effective when executed with intentionality and mindfulness.

While other people have their own opinions on what methods work best to optimize websites, there’s no clear consensus among experts or even marketers themselves.

There are many Mental Actions that can boost website rankings without resorting to technical actions such as keyword research or writing excellent web content.

These include being positive towards other people and promoting love towards others in general; promoting spiritual growth; taking care of physical health; and adhering to a healthy diet, exercise and avoiding substance misuse (including overworking).

This way, instead of focusing on trying to manipulate search engines, it would be better to focus on cultivating positive mental attitudes that will naturally attract positive results regardless of your intentions.

The first type of strategy that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘optimization’ is optimization strategies.

These include building links to your website from external sources like social media websites, directories, and article submissions.

Other strategies revolve around submitting your website to various search engines and submitting your website to search engine directories.

Basically, implementing any action that increases the number of pages linking to your website maximizes your chances of being found by a search engine.

SEO favours websites that use strategies named after their name- for example, Google’s best-known strategy is ‘Google optimization.’ A second type of strategy involves avoiding actions that search engines penalize.

For example, if you’re running an online business, avoiding selling unlicensed products or services can save you from getting your site deleted from a search engine’s penal list.

In fact, some actions such as buying keywords directly from advertisers can actually improve your rankings- but hiding those actions from prospective customers.

However, hiding these practices from search engines’ admins can get you permanently banned from the directory if you don’t have enough notice given to you to reverse the action.


Like any other form of marketing, effective SEO requires both mental and physical actionable strategies.

It involves understanding how search engines work and which actions consistently boost your website’s visibility within them.

Additionally, negative actions such as misusing keywords or submitting false information should be avoided at all costs since they have far greater consequences than improving rankings marginally through non-actionable mental actions.

Essentially- instead of thinking about optimizing – doing it!


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