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10 Cost Effective Tips For Big Brands To Establish Their Footprints In China (Part I) - EN Jawaraspeed

10 Cost Effective Tips For Big Brands To Establish Their Footprints In China (Part I) - EN Jawaraspeed

One factor that many companies overlook when coming to China is human capital development.

Companies often focus too much on marketing their products without investing much in employees.

However, employees are critical for building brand recognition and generating business success in China.

Employers should first focus on training new employees and developing the skill sets of current employees before attempting to market products.

After all, training and developing new employees will help you find and retain top talent while simultaneously increasing the quality of your workforce.


However, many companies fail to do so due to a lack of experience or knowledge.

To gain success in China, companies must focus on establishing a strong foundation before attempting to build their brands.

Here are ten ideas for leading brands to consider when establishing their footprints in China.

Additionally, multinational brands should also look at unconventional marketing strategies when coming to China.

Many companies rely on advertising campaigns or online marketing when coming to China.

Unfortunately, this approach can be limiting since Chinese consumers have little interest in the same products as consumers back home.

Instead, companies should look at marketing strategies that connect Chinese consumers with similar cultures and traditions.

For example, many Chinese people enjoy eating American cuisine, so food companies should look into promoting food as a cultural connection between the two countries.

Essentially, the best way to connect with Chinese consumers is through common interests that transcend nationality.

After new employees are well prepared and your products connect with Chinese consumers culturally, you’ll need to build a sense of community between your consumers and your brand.

Many consumers come from isolated rural communities where they have little exposure to other cultures.

As a result, they may feel little connection to or affinity for other Chinese people.

To remedy this situation, you must bridge this gap by promoting interactions between Chinese people and your brand.

For example, if you operate an internet company, you could sponsor internet forums where Chinese people can discuss relevant topics and post questions about your company’s services.

After interacting with your brand, consumers will develop positive opinions toward your company as well as will be willing to financially support it.

Considering these ten ideas will help any company that wants to establish a strong footprint in China.

First, companies must focus on hiring competent human capital that is willing to work hard toward building customer relationships with your brand.

Then, you must also look for creative ways to connect with Chinese consumers culturally- creating a sense of community between you and them! Fulfilling these goals will make it easier for you to succeed in China!


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