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News From Microsoft: Duplicate Number Detection With Excel Identical To List - EN Jawaraspeed

News From Microsoft: Duplicate Number Detection With Excel Identical To List - EN Jawaraspeed

When you have more than one Excel file, you can create a number column to match the number of files.

After creating the number column, select the cells in your second file that you want to include in your list of duplicates.

Next, select Excel’s Save As command and change the filename to include your new list name.

This way, you’ll know which numbers are from which file and can action accordingly.

If two numbers appear next to each other in an Excel spreadsheet, there’s a chance they’re copies of one another- even if they’re not identical numbers.

To quickly determine if two numbers are duplicates, use formulas in Excel.

For example: =BLANK() formulas will return 0 when run against two different numbers- so BLANK() will act as a checker for determining whether two numbers are duplicates or not.

Another formula that works well for this purpose is =SIN(A), where A = [the angle between the two numbers].

As long as the angle between the two numbers is greater than 180 degrees, this formula will return 0 whenever run against two different numbers.

Using these ideas and tools, it’s easy to quickly identify duplicate numbers in Excel spreadsheets.

When working with multiple files in Excel, create a new column for your number list so you have easy access to your duplicate numbers.

Use color coding or formulas to easily identify potential duplicates when working with large spreadsheets.

And lastly, use formulas when working with particular angles that help you quickly identify duplicate entries in an Excel spreadsheet.

You can use color coding to help you quickly identify duplicate numbers in a large Excel spreadsheet.

In Excel 2016 or later, press F12 to launch the Fonts window.

Next, scroll down until you see the Color section in the Fonts window.

You can choose any color you like here- but red is a good choice since it stands out against white text.

You can also choose other colors if you prefer; it’s up to you what works best for you.

After choosing color schemes, press Esc to close all windows and return to normal view.

Now whenever Excel runs, it will show an alert indicating that color scheme changes have occurred.

You will then be ready to quickly identify duplicate numbers based on color coding.


Most commonly, this refers to email messages, text files and Excel spreadsheets.

If someone has sent you a copy of a document, you should save it as a .zip file and open the original document at the same time.

This helps you identify any duplicate entries in the original file.

Exact copies of data are no good if the original is unconfirmed or damaged.


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