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Google Page Speed Insights, Why This Is Not An Average Speed Grade - En Jawaraspeed

Google Page Speed Insights, Why This Is Not An Average Speed Grade - En Jawaraspeed

Every website needs fast loading to gain traffic and earn money.

Therefore, it's very important to understand how fast a website is.

Most people think that an average speed grade is the best way to determine how fast a website is loading.

However, Google suggests a different way of determining website speed.

Using Google Page Speed Insights (or GSPS) provides a much more accurate evaluation of speed.

Since most people use Google's page speed insights program incorrectly, it's important to understand how it works.

This program helps users understand what they can do to make their website load faster.

Instead of using average measurements like most people do, use Google's guidelines when evaluating your web page performance with GSPS.

When looking at the two tools, there are several differences between them.

First, GSPS provides an analysis of web page performance on multiple devices at once.

This includes both desktop and mobile browsers.

Additionally, GSPS calculates an overall website speed grade based on all of these factors.

This is not an average speed grade like in other tools.

A score of 100% indicates perfect performance whereas a score of 0% indicates failure.

Because of the differences in how the tools work, Google recommends using GSPS when evaluating web performance.

When evaluating web page performance, most people look at three factors: download time, HTML response time and total time to first byte.

However, Google recommends using a different metric when examining web performance.

It recommends using Google Page Speed Insights to evaluate speed.

Using this tool helps users understand how their web page performs and what they can do to improve it.

For that reason, many people confuse GSPS with the stKalianrd web performance evaluation tool.

That's because both look identical:

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