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How To Find Broken Links On Your Website In 3 Easy Steps - En Jawaraspeed

How To Find Broken Links On Your Website In 3 Easy Steps - En Jawaraspeed

Online marketing is the fastest growing marketing practice.

Every day, new websites are launched and existing websites are regularly updated.

As a result, there are lots of opportunities for online marketers.

Broken links is one of the most common problems faced by online marketers.

These broken links occur when a hyperlink leads to an incorrect webpage or to none at all.

In this body paragraph, I will explain how to find broken links on your website in 3 easy steps.

Keeping broken links from affecting your website's rankings is vital for its success as an online marketing tool.

Using these easy steps helps you identify broken links on your website and correct them quickly so that people can easily find your products and pages.


Next, go through each webpage on your website one by one and look for broken links.

Search for words such as 'broken' or 'error.' A broken link is when a webpage can't be accessed from a specific location- as in 'broken URL.' Essentially, this involves looking at your webpage with a critical eye and identifying any relevant issues before determining what has led to the broken link.


First, check the homepage of your website to find out which link connects it to the internet.

You can easily find this link by browsing to the page you want and looking for a relevant heading.

For example, if you want to look up a product's page, look under the heading 'Products' or 'Product List.' Next, click on the link beneath that heading.

The link will take you directly to that page without having to navigate through other pages first.


Once you've identified which webpage has caused the broken link, check whether an attachment or file has led people to that page instead of your original link.

This method isn't perfect but can be helpful in certain cases.

To do this, search for the specific hyperlink on your webpage and copy it onto another web page.

Then, open another web browser window on your computer and navigate directly to the hyperlink you just copied.

The web page should display an error message or other related symptoms when you attempt to view the hyperlink from another browser window.

From here, you can easily correct any issues with your webpage and make it accessible once again.

Here are three easy steps to help you find a broken link on your website:

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