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Blogging Tips: Adding A Code Block To Blogger - En Jawaraspeed

Blogging Tips: Adding A Code Block To Blogger - En Jawaraspeed

Blogging is an online social media where people can share their thoughts on a particular topic or idea.

Most bloggers use a Personal Computer to write their blogs.

Blogging is also an interactive social media where people post their comments on other people's blogs.

In addition, blogging is an easy way to communicate ideas and thoughts to others.

Therefore, it's important for bloggers to create engaging and informative blogs.

A code block is a section of text that allows you to add programs and other codes to your blog.

For example, you could add a program that lets you change the font size of your blog posts or update your blog's theme regularly.

You can also use code blocks for social media accounts- especially Twitter and Facebook.

This allows you to interact with readers directly through those platforms while still posting on your blog.

Some bloggers even post quotes or images from their blogs onto Twitter and Facebook with a short link back to their original post.

Allowing readers this direct interaction with your articles adds a social aspect to blogging that many find very helpful.

Blogging is an easy way to share thoughts with others- particularly via comments or social media interaction with readers.

Adding a code block allows you to easily post programs and other codes that help make your blog more engaging and informative.

Therefore, adding a code block is an easy way to improve the functionality of your blog!

When you first log in to blogger, your blog homepage will look similar to the one below.

This is your blog homepage; it contains your blog's name, a blog icon, and other basic information.

You'll need to change these settings later in your blog if you want it to look different.

In the upper-left corner of your blog homepage, you'll see a menu button- this will let you access different functions on blogger.

At the very bottom of your blog homepage, you will see a code block icon.

Clicking on this will reveal a code editor where you can add code blocks to your blog.

These code blocks are similar to programming code blocks in that they can help improve the functionality of your blog.

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