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Banana baskets with tuna ceviche - En Jawaraspeed

Banana baskets with tuna ceviche - En Jawaraspeed

Ceviches are a staple of coastal cuisine from the Mediterranean to South America.

Generally made from raw seafood, ceviches can vary in both format and taste.

For example, in Spain, ceviches are commonly served as cold salads.

In Ecuador, ceviches are served at room temperature or warm.

In Cuba, a ceviche is served at room temperature with a side salad and bread.

At an outdoor restaurant in the Caribbean, the waiter takes your order by asking you what type of ceviche you'd like.

Then he proceeds to create a unique dish for you based on whatever fish or shellfish you request.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your very own ceviche recipe.

Banana baskets are a popular dish in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

In India, banana baskets are commonly made using boiled white rice as the base for the dish.

For the filling, Indian cooks typically use chopped vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and peas along with meats such as chicken or beef.

To give the dish flavor, Indian cooks will also add spicy masala spices such as black pepper, cloves and cinnamon along with lemon juice, sugar and vinegar for acidity adjustments.

For garnishes, Indian cooks typically place chopped cashews on their banana baskets along with sliced green chilies and fresh mint leaves.

Some popular ceviches include avocado ceviche with shrimp and tomato, octopus ceviche with mussels and clams, crab ceviche with jalapenos and red snapper ceviche with tamarind.

To create a banana basket-style ceviche, you would start by filling the banana basket with marinated raw seafood such as mahi mahi, tuna or crabmeat.

You would then add two slices of ripe papaya layered on top of the seafood.

To garnish the dish, you could add diced tomato, red onion and cilantro leaves.

You could also add a citrus salsa or a vinaigrette dressing to make your banana basket more flavorful.


Having said that, if you're interested in trying your hand at creating your very own banana basket-style ceviche recipe- go ahead! The sky's the limit when it comes to creating your very own coastal cuisine masterpiece!

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