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How To Fix Blogger Blog In Html Format - En Jawaraspeed

How To Fix Blogger Blog In Html Format - En Jawaraspeed

Blogger is a popular blogging platform for web content creation.

It gives you the freedom to create web pages easily and quickly.

However, some bloggers encounter several problems with blogger when creating HTML files.

For example, their blog won't display in any web browser, and they need to reset their server settings to fix it.

In this body outline, we'll teach you how to fix blogger blog in html format and make your blog appear correctly in all web browsers.

Every blogger faces three challenges when creating a new blog on blogger.

First, creating HTML files with blogger creates a .html file instead of a .htm file.

This is because of the META tags in the code.

Luckily, blogger allows you to fix this by editing your code and removing the META tags.

Next, bloggers have trouble uploading their files to the correct directory on their server.

After that, they need to refresh their browser to see their blog.

To do that, they need to type '/' before the address of their blog in their browser's URL bar.

If you ever find yourself having problems with your HTML files on blogger, use these three steps to update your files and access your blog correctly.

First, edit your HTML file so it opens as a .htm file instead of an .html file.

Then, upload your file to the correct directory on your server.

Last, type '/' into your browser's URL bar before clicking on your blog's address to refresh it.

That way, you'll have no problems viewing or editing your blogs on blogger!

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