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Apptim Test Mobile Performance (Obsolete) - En Jawaraspeed

Apptim Test Mobile Performance (Obsolete) - En Jawaraspeed

Apptim is a performance benchmarking tool that helps users assess the performance of the apps on their mobile devices.

It's an assistive software that assists users with performance issues.

In addition, it allows developers to identify the performance issues in their apps.

There are different versions of Apptim, primarily for Android and iOS platforms.

The main functions of Apptim include identifying performance issues, measuring application performance and collecting data for benchmarking.

It has a wide range of supported languages such as C, C , C

Although Apptim is no longer updated or maintained by its creator (authors), it's still a reliable tool for performance benchmarking on mobile devices.

It's easy to use and includes many powerful features for monitoring applications and collecting data for benchmarking.

Users can download Apptim from this link: tim/apptim .

The user interface of Apptim is quite intuitive and simple to use.

It has a task list at the top of the interface with buttons for starting and stopping tests, managing profiles and viewing reports.

The body paragraphs explain how users access different feature in Apptim via the user interface- including adding new profiles, setting up rules or accessing reports.

Each section has tabs at the top that allow users to easily navigate through the entire UI.

Some of the features of Apptim include real-time monitoring, secure storage, a powerful rule system and a highlight system for problematic applications.

It provides comprehensive profiling analysis with timeline navigation and an event queue system for multistaged applications.

In addition, it has an error log system for tracking down application errors.

Furthermore, it provides a system for controlling app behavior such as allowing or preventing the use of hardware acceleration or CPU limits during performance testing.

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