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How To Install Related Posts On Certain Blogger Pages - En Jawaraspeed

How To Install Related Posts On Certain Blogger Pages - En Jawaraspeed

A related posts section on a blog helps readers find related content for a specific topic.

It also helps your blog gain more traffic by introducing related topics to new readers.

However, adding related posts can be a difficult process since you need to manually input data from other blogs.

Thankfully, it's easy to install related posts on most blog platforms.

There are several ways you can add related posts to your blog platform.

For instance, WordPress has a dedicated Related Posts section in its Settings menu.

Other blog platforms have similar options; however, the method may differ slightly depending on the platform used.

Generally speaking, the process involves creating a list of websites with related posts that your blog should display on its pages.

You can manually enter relevant URLs into the relevant post fields or use a service like Google Webmaster Tools for that task.

After you've created a list of related posts, you need to associate them with specific pages so they appear when appropriate.

Related posts are an excellent way to build up your blog's content and promote new topics.

Most readers find new topics through other blogs and submit them to yours for consideration.

Excluding unrelated topics from your related posts section keeps new readers interested in your content and encourages them to submit topics of interest to you.

On the other hand, submitting relevant topics yourself helps build up your blog's credibility by demonstrating expertise in relevant topics.

Adding related posts is an excellent way to increase the quality and accessibility of your blog's content.

These posts help build up new topics readers find interesting and encourage them to submit new content for consideration by yours and other blogs.

Plus, adding related posts allows you to monetize your website by running ads on other people's websites via the Google AdSense Publisher Program.

As such, it's essential that you understand how these features work before implementing them on your website!

When you add related posts to your blog, you enable algorithms from other websites to display your content to other users.

Most blog platforms use the Google AdSense Publisher Program for related posts.

This program gives websites access to high-quality text and image ads that they can place on other people's blogs.

In addition, you can use this program to create and manage your blog's ads.

Essentially, adding related posts lets you monetize your website without resorting to banner ads.

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