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Early Access Program (Eap) [Archive] - Jawaraspeed

Early Access Program (Eap) [Archive] - Jawaraspeed

The Early Access Program (EAP) is a feature released by Microsoft in 2012 as part of their Windows 8 operating system.

It allows users to preview new software versions before they are publicly released.

Essentially, it 'saves' old computer configurations with the goal of making updates more stable.

In addition, the feature allows users to provide direct feedback to Microsoft on what they are doing wrong and how they can fix it.

Essentially, they can help Microsoft produce better software by directly providing feedback to Microsoft's development team.

Early Access Program (Eap) gives users early access to new software versions before they are publicly released.

In addition, it allows Microsoft to receive direct user feedback on the recently released software versions.

Essentially, it saves computer configurations and allows users to provide feedback on how to improve the recently released software.

Furthermore, EAP makes it easier for people who can't afford a new computer to get the latest operating system versions.

In short, early access is useful for those who want the newest software versions; but it's also useful for those who want to test out the newest updates on an old computer configuration.


Over 350 million computers have been upgraded with Windows using EAP worldwide so far- with most countries having an increase in usage after 2016.

In addition, over half of all beta testers use their computers before public releases with EAP installed.

This shows how innovative early access is; it not only gives individuals a chance to try out new features but also gives them a way to submit bugs and feedback directly to Microsoft's development team.

Early Access Program (Eap) is a great way for Microsoft to improve its software without worrying about user feedback.

Instead of delaying updates until it can gain enough feedback to be happy, EAP allows Microsoft to release new features quickly and with minimal issues.

Essentially, they can get feedback from beta testers and non-beta users before releasing any updates! If you haven't tried early access yet, give it a shot! It's a great way for your computer to get the newest OS versions without waiting for months!

Initially, EAP was only available for Windows 8.

When it debuted in 2012, it allowed users to install up to three different builds of the operating system on their computer before the public release date.

Each build had several known issues and was meant to act as a beta version.

However, this beta version is available for free and should be much more stable than public releases.

After installing an early access build, users could go through a troubleshooting process with Microsoft representatives and provide direct feedback on how Microsoft can make their program better.

Microsoft has made some major improvements since EAP debuted in 2012; for example, almost all builds are now available for both desktop and mobile devices.

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