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How to Make Blogger Navigation Menu - EN Jawaraspeed

How to Make Blogger Navigation Menu - EN Jawaraspeed

* A blog navigation menu is a list of links that helps users navigate through a blog.

It’s a way for the readers and editors of a blog to access all the content on the blog.

A blogger creates his menu by organizing the different sections of his blog into logical sections.

He also adds links to direct readers to related articles.

A well-designed menu helps readers find relevant information and stay connected to the blog community.

A blogger wants to include a new navigation menu in his blog so he adds a new section to his menu: BL.

He begins by brainstorming some possible categories for his new menu section.

He then drafts a list of possible categories and sub-categories he can include in his new menu section.

After drafting his list of possible categories, he reviews it with his blog editor to make sure there are no copyright issues with any of these suggested categories or entire sub-categories he has drafted.

Once he is certain there are no copyright issues with any of these suggested categories or sub-categories, he starts inserting these new content items into his blog menu section.

Next comes P- for products and services, which refers to all those related products and services that can be accessed through blogging.

These are things like social media plug-ins, social media management tools and social media scheduling apps.

To access these items, just click on the P in this section.

The final section A – for authors – lists all the contributing authors to your blog who have their own sections in your blog menu.

A blog navigation menu is an essential part of a blogs architecture that makes it easier for visitors to find relevant content on blogs easily.

It’s also an excellent tool for bloggers and author association as it promotes friendly competition among bloggers to provide excellent content for readership needs.

Without a well thought out and designed navigation menu, blogging may not be as fun or as accessible as it could be for many people today!

The new menu addition gets popular fast and the blogger adds another section to his menu: P.

He decides to add an ‘i’ sub-menu section because there are so many interesting topics that his readers would love to browse through further when they are curious about something new.

In this sub-section, he lists other blogging related resources such as blogging tools and tutorials, blogs directories and inspiration sites for bloggers.

To access any particular post from this new ‘i’ sub-menu section, just click on its corresponding link in this new ‘i’ sub-section at the bottom of his main blog menu page.


The first three letters in the acronym BL refer to content.

They stand for body, list, and archive.

The body section lists all the posts from the main blog page to the menu.

The list section contains all the post links organized by category.

The archive section lists all the past posts from the blog in chronological order.

To access any particular post from the menu, just click on its corresponding letter in this section.


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