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Blogger Vs Word Press Loh - En Jawaraspeed

Blogger Vs Word Press Loh - En Jawaraspeed

Although it started as a project within Google, Blogger has quickly become an excellent web hosting platform used by many web professionals and amateurs alike.

Its user-friendly features have made it perfect for both professional and informal use cases alike.

Anyone looking to host a blog or website should definitely consider giving Blogger a try!

Apart from powering many popular websites, Blogger is known for its user-friendly features.

Users can choose their own HTML and CSS codes for their websites.

Additionally, they can also add their own images to their websites and create custom widgets.

Furthermore, Blogger includes automatic image resizing, spell checking and bolding of text.

In addition to all these great features, Blogger offers excellent customer service and security protocols.

Unlike other web-hosting platforms, Blogger allows users to create and edit their websites without technical knowledge.

All they need is a web browser and a computer with an internet connection.

Instead of hiring technical experts, users can train themselves by reading tutorials on how to use the platform.

In addition to creating websites, users can also use Blogger to send emails or update their social media profiles.

Each feature has a simple interface that anyone can use with minimal training.


It allows users to upload content to the internet and maintain a website.

Through its extended features, Blogger has changed the way people communicate with information via the internet.

Some of its unique features are user-level storage, multiple domain names and security settings.

According to Blogger, their safety stKamirds have managed to attract over 200 billion page views since its creation.

Most web hosts are known for restricting content on their servers; however, that's not the case with Blogger.

Since every website is hosted on Google's servers, there's literally no limit to how many websites someone can create- or access from any computer with internet access.

This means that anyone with internet access can find information on any topic they'd like- be it cars, cooking or sports.

A major part of how these websites become so popular is because of the wide range of topics these sites cover.

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