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Harper's Bazaar Volume 1 Page 539 - EN Jawaraspeed

Harper's Bazaar Volume 1 Page 539 - EN Jawaraspeed

#When asked to explain the fascination with fashion, many people cite Michelle Obama.

In her speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the first lady cited former president Jacqueline Kennedy as her inspiration.

Having watched former president Kennedy stride down a runway at New York’s JFK airport, she had chosen to wear a similar outfit.

‘I like the old ones.

I like clothing that is timeless.’ In addition to offering style inspiration, the First Lady’s choice of clothing demonstrates how important fashion has become in our lives.

As an industry, fashion has become so much more than a means of embellishing the human body; it has become an essential part of our culture- and no publication does that cultural impact justice like Harper’s BAZAAR.

When Harper’s Bazaar first appeared in the early 1900s, it featured art and literature submissions only.

However, this original focus quickly shifted to showcasing contemporary fashion trends via fashion photography.

Readers then discussed the featured models’ looks within the context of fashion trends and artistic expression.

Over time, this ‘look book’ concept has evolved into a highbrow publication with literary and artistic aspirations.

As a result, Bazaar has become one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.


Since its inception, BAZAAR has adapted its content to meet global consumer tastes.

For example, when China required foreign publications to import their own copies in 2017, Bazaar followed suit by producing its 150th international edition.

Clearly, this publication is more than just a means of displaying fashionable clothing; it is an international icon disseminating information about fashion trends around the world.

In addition to global reach, contributing to Bazaar has become an important way for models to promote fashion brands.

At first, these models submitted their own photographs for consideration in BAZAAR.

However, editors soon realized that high-fashion photography is an expensive endeavor that requires practice and training.

As a result, contributing photography now requires models to submit photographs taken by professional photographers.

Under normal circumstances, model photography is used to display new product lines for businesses to test market viability- but these can be pinnacle moments for celebrities supporting certain brands or designers.

Through its history spanning over 100 years, Harper’s Bazaar has done an outstanding job meeting consumers’ needs for style inspiration and celebrity endorsement via fashion photography.

The magazine is readily available in over 200 international editions and boasts over 130 million readers worldwide every year.

Contributors have transformed BAZAAR from a look book into an internationally renowned publication!


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