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Libre Franklin Font By Sacha Lucashenko - EN Jawaraspeed

Libre Franklin Font By Sacha Lucashenko - EN Jawaraspeed

* Benjamin Franklin is known as the original printer, political strategist, and the most prominent statesman of the 18th century.

Furthermore, Franklin is credited with inventing the lightning rod and giving us the Franklin stove.

He was also a leading activist in leading the American Revolution and signing the Declaration of Independence.

In our modern society, Franklin is still celebrated for his practical sense and commitment to education.

Throughout Benjamin Franklin’s life, he made many significant contributions to society.

Perhaps one of Franklin’s most famous inventions is the lightning rod; he used this in his own home.

Additionally, Franklin is known as the first American ambassador to France.

During his time in France, Franklin helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase- one of the largest land deals in history.

In addition to his practical sense, Franklin is also considered one of the Founding Fathers of America.

He is credited with drafting the original Constitution of Pennsylvania as well as a number of other founding documents for America.

The digital age has brought about a lot of technology that we’ve come to love; however, it has also allowed for easy re-creation of old works of art.

This is why there is a Libre Franklin typeface available online.

All you need is an image of Benjamin Franklin and you have everything you need to recreate Libre Franklin- just like Benjamin Franklin did decades ago!

The Libre Franklin typeface represents Benjamin Franklin’s love for himself and his contributions to society.

When designing this typeface, I wanted to reference some of Benjamin Franklin’s notable works.

For example, I chose to use Franklin’s signature turned into a typeface because of his famous signature.

I also included an image of a balance and a clock so the reader may visualize how Franklin used these tools to run Philadelphia’s government and business operations.

In addition to referencing famous works by Franklin, I also included images from his young age so the reader may relive some of his childhood days while seeing how he would go on to revolutionize American and international politics.

As we celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s 250th birthday this year, it seems fitting we remember a man who embodies greatness in so many ways.

While still young, Benjamin Franklin was already an internationally recognized political figure and author.

His love for himself and his many inventions have shaped world culture forever.

Ultimately, this makes perfect sense as our world has now caught up with Benjamin Franklin!


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