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Move Over Gsa Ser, Is The Spinner Capable Of Something More? - EN Jawaraspeed

Move Over Gsa Ser, Is The Spinner Capable Of Something More? - EN Jawaraspeed

* One of the most memorable scenes in the film Fantastic Voyage is when our intrepid medical team is attacked by a mysterious spinning medical device.

The device impales one of the intrepedic crew, sending him spiraling toward the interior of the spacecraft.

As he hurtles toward his own destruction, he envisions himself as a tiny human being aboard a mammoth submarine.

His tiny human self maneuvers the submarine and sends it hurtling toward its destination- the far side of an enormous iceberg.

With a burst of surgical microsurgical tools, our intrepedic medical expert restores our crewmember’s health and saves the day.

In reality, future-minded adventurers like those featured in Fantastic Voyage use similar techniques to travel through time and space to solve their problems- both past and future.


Initially called ‘spinners of information,’ computers were developed to solve complex problems with precision and speed.

But spinners have gone far beyond their original purpose: they now spin out information in different forms- such as data or letters and words.

For example, when you search for something on Google, the computer generates a giant data file of billions of web links relating to that subject.

Google then renders this data into informative results for you via its spinners- or searchers- at lightning speed.

Essentially, spinners help you find what you’re looking for by rapidly spinning out different forms of information for you to consume.

The concept of traveling through time is based on differential equations.

These are mathematical formulas that describe changes over time.

For example, if you want to know how much something weighs, you would use a differential equation to calculate how much something’s mass has changed over time.

Einstein used differential equations to change how we perceive space and time.

He used them to create the theory of relativity, which posits that nothing is constant in the universe but change itself.

We’ve come a long way since Fantastic Voyages’ creators envisioned wild leaps into outer space using planetary spinners- or gyroscope-like devices.

Yet this technology remains firmly in the realm of science fiction.

All these revolutionary technologies – computer spinners, differential equations and physical exercise – have given us new ways to solve our past, present and future problems with comfort and precision.

Yet these timeless practices are based on one universal principle: You are what you do every day- not what someone else did to make you healthy one day at a time!

Physical exercise has also changed radically since the dawn of man thousands of years ago.

Back then, people ran for miles to hunt and gather their food.

They also fought for land and survival against their enemies in battle.

Over time, this led to more organized forms of physical exercise such as martial arts or dance movements that work out both your body’s internal organs and your muscles.

Today, however, most people simply take part in recreational physical activities without giving it serious consideration.

They fail to give their bodies the care they deserve while neglecting key elements of future-mindedness such as diet and exercise plans.

Ultimately, this leaves them unprepared for today’s ever-changing world demands on physicality and body healthiness.


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