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Ten Percent Happier Was Mentioned On The Radio By Abc NewsTitle: Looking For A New Podcast To Subscribe To - EN Jawaraspeed

Ten Percent Happier Was Mentioned On The Radio By Abc NewsTitle: Looking For A New Podcast To Subscribe To - EN Jawaraspeed

Happiness is an essential part of leading a healthy life.

Some people find it difficult to be happy, but it’s possible to change your mindset and become happier.

Podcast host Daniella Luca has a theory on how to be happier- she recommends adopting a positive attitude and joining a community.

In this body paragraph, she explains how being happy is based on your point of view.

The ancient Greek poet Horace believed that being happy is based on how you see things.

When contemplating your happiness, consider what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

Are you happy when you’re sad or unhappy? Are you happy when you’re with family or by yourself? It’s easy to see that the things that make us happy are based on our point of view.

For example, some people are happy when they’re eating food they enjoy.

Other people are happy when they’re exercising and eating healthy food.

Each of us has a different idea of what makes us happy.

Being unhappy doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to become happier.

The Roman poet Lucretius espoused the same philosophy as Horace- that happiness depends on your mindstate.

He suggested that becoming happier requires mental focus; if you remain focused on being happy, you’ll soon be happy.

There are a few other ways to become happier, such as author Thomas Jefferson’s advice to join a community and support your new attitude.

By adopting the attitudes of others, it’s easy to become happier.

You can find happiness in many different places, such as exercise or spending time with family members.

You can also find happiness by making positive changes to your life.

For example, if you’re unhappy with your weight, consider adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Alternatively, focus on improving your relationships by repairing broken relationships or avoiding problematic friends.

Grant yourself these self-help strategies and you’ll find more ways to be happier.


It’s easy to become happier once you realize how your point of hand affects your happiness.

Ultimately, joining a community helps you focus on being happier; they provide accountability while showing you how to be happier.

No matter what makes you happier, there’s always someone out there who needs help with that- maybe you should consider creating a podcast about happiness!


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