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Tips Blogger Search Engine Optimization - EN Jawaraspeed

Tips Blogger Search Engine Optimization - EN Jawaraspeed

* Optimizing your blog for SEO is an essential step toward making it visible online.

Regularly updating your blog with fresh content increases reader engagement and loyalty towards your content.

Including a domain name and URL in each post also helps readers easily find your blogs through search results pages.

Submitting your blog through Search engines also ensures that people can find your blogs easily via keyword searches on Google or other popular search engines.

blogs are unique compared to webpages because they’re updates in real time.

Regular webpages are static; they remain unchanged from when they’re first published until they’re updated again.

In contrast, bloggers update their blogs frequently to share new content with readers.

This way, readers can interact with the author and provide feedback on the blog.

Search engines help this interaction by considering new blog posts relevant when determining rankings.

Therefore, posts with high quality content that include relevant keywords rank well in search results.

Additionally, maintaining a consistent format for your blog helps it appear more professional and increases the likelihood that search engineswill include it in their directory listings.

Apart from including a domain name and web address in your blog posts, you must also submit them to Search engines so that people can find your blogs through search results pages (SERPs).

Contrary to what many internet marketers believe, Search engines do not run their own website or platform; instead, they work with third-party companies to host their database of websites and blogs.

However, Search engines do offer free hosting for new websites through various programs they call crawlers.

A crawler is a program that indexes information from different websites and blogs- which is what allows you to submit your blog for SEO through Search engine spiders (web bots) in the first place.


Essentially, search engines help people find websites via keywords and text ads.

To improve the visibility of a website in search results, website owners must follow certain guidelines.

This includes choosing good keyword phrases to describe the website and relevant content to include in posts.

In this body paragraph, I explain what makes a blog unique and how search engines can help it gain visibility.

To increase the likelihood of having your blog included in search results, you must obtain both a domain name and a web address for your blog.

Domain names are like website addresses; they’re unique labels assigned to websites on the internet.

In addition to a domain name, you’ll also need a web address (also called an URL).

A web address consists of two parts: a path and a domain name.

For example, your blog’s path would be /blog while its domain name would be

Your blog’s URL would look like this: https://www-https://ingcnumbers-com/blog/.


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