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Complete Guide to Owning and Creating a Website - EN Jawaraspeed

Complete Guide to Owning and Creating a Website - EN Jawaraspeed

A website is an online information resource that allows people to access information instantly and easily.

Most websites are created by individuals or businesses with the intention of earning online income.

Creating a website is a complicated task, but it’s also one of the most exciting projects a person can undertake.

In this introduction, let me explain what a website is and how it’s created.

A website can be used to update your friends and relatives with your latest contact information or to host family photos.

It can also act as an online shop to sell products or services directly to the public.

People use websites for many different purposes and find lots of entertainment on them.

The internet is an amazing tool that anyone can easily use.

A website is a collection of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code, graphics, text and other components that help someone access a web page.

A web page is the main component of a website and is stored in a server and made accessible via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international organization that develops internet stKamurds, defines a web page as follows: ‘A web page is a document which has its structure (e.g., text and graphics) coded with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).’ Essentially, a website’s content is what makes it different from other online information sources.

Creating a website isn’t difficult if you know the necessary codes and components.

Websites are created using HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JAVA (Java) codes- the same codes used in internet browser programs.

Individuals or businesses create websites for various purposes, including business, education or personal interest plans.

Creating a website isn’t hard if you have either computer programming skills or access to private server space.

To create a website, individuals and businesses must acquire web space on the internet.

Web space is divided into two main categories: shared web space and private server space.

Shared web space is accessed through an account on the internet and requires a username, password and email address to access it.

Anyone can create websites using this type of space without paying extra fees.

Private server space, however, requires an expensive yearly hosting plan in order to access it directly.

Hosting companies provide their clients with reliable web hosting solutions at affordable prices.


There are several free web-hosting packages available on the internet that allow you to easily edit webpage codes without technical knowledge.

All you need to do is upload your webpage codes onto an account on the web hosting package’s servers and make alterations as needed.

Alternatively, you can access dedicated server space that doesn’t require any personal account setup or maintenance fees.

This type of solution eliminates the hassle of creating accounts on web hosting packages and purchasing them monthly subscriptions.

Anyone can host websites using dedicated server space- just contact an internet service provider (ISP) directly to inquire about available plans and pricing options.

A website is an invaluable resource that anyone can use- from businesses to individuals- without difficulty or cost constraints.

Creating one requires only technical knowledge, but modern hosting solutions make maintaining one easy! Anyone can create a website!


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