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Mohammad Ismail Blogger Template Modified - EN Jawaraspeed

Mohammad Ismail Blogger Template Modified - EN Jawaraspeed

Mohammad Ismail was born in 1564 in Medapur, Maharashtra, India.

His father’s name was Haiyun Mahi and his mother’s name was Kabiwala.

His ancestors came from Persia hundreds of years ago and brought Islam to India.

Mohammad Ismail had a brother named Pir Sadath who became the commander-in-chief of the Mughal army.

He married into the royal family of Shahjahanabad and became the royal tailor.

His other brother Ghasidas became a famous Hindi poet.

He also had a sister named Gulrukhban who married a Muslim man and became the queen of Malabar.

His other sister became a famous Muslim poet.

His other siblings remained unknown to history.


This led him to meet Kabir, a famous Hindu poet and saint of the Bhakti movement.

They became lifelong friends and partners in spiritual growth; Kabir even wrote poems about Mohammad Ismail’s virtues.

This relationship gave rise to some of Mahatma’s most profound thoughts on spirituality.

Mohammad Ismail also studied under Bhartrihari, an ancient Indian philosopher from Kashmir who wrote one of the earliest commentaries on Vedanta, the ancient Indian school of Hinduism.

Each year after this, he would write down his spiritual experiences in his notebooks and call them ‘The Four Voyages.’

Literary critic and philosopher Mohammad Ismail, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born on 2nd October 1869 in India.

He died on 19th Jan.1948 at the age of 78.

He is well known for his non-violent struggle against injustice and for his commitment to the principle of swaraj (self-rule) for India.

Through his books, Mohammad Ismail has given a voice to the common man and has advocated social reform.

Mohammad Ismail is considered to be one of the greatest saints to have ever lived in India.

He gave voice to the common man through his books and refused any worldly honors despite being extremely intelligent and moral throughout his life.

His friendship with Kabir helped him grow spiritually; he later wrote that it was Kabir who brought him back to God first and then showed him the path to becoming human again through spiritual growth.

Throughout his life, Mohammad Ispull showed humanity how to achieve inner peace through striving for moral integrity and spiritual enlightenment.

Mohammad Ismail remained a Muslim throughout his life; he never compromised his beliefs or accepted any title or position in society.

He traveled around India preaching Islam and criticizing Hinduism and corrupted kings.

He wrote many books in both Hindi and Urdu, including an adaptation of the Quran called ‘Mishqa’ (translated by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad as ‘Essence’).

His most famous works are ‘DharmaYug’, ‘Koshtha Sagar’, ‘Ankit Ramachandra’ (on nautical navigation), ‘Ma’aalI-Quran’ (on Quranic style) and ‘Surat An Naari Nai Zindagi’ (a poem against domestic violence).


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