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How To Edit To Show Recent Post Widget - EN Jawaraspeed

How To Edit To Show Recent Post Widget - EN Jawaraspeed

When working on a post, many writers edit their work multiple times before publishing.

Editing involves changing the text and images in a post.

Most of the time, writers change their work at various stages of their writing process.

However, it’s sometimes necessary to edit your work after it’s already published.

This is where the power of the WordPress platform comes in handy.

Editing is an essential part of any writer’s workflow.

Choosing when to edit your work aids in keeping your blog fresh and reader friendly.

Plus, editing after a post is published lets you fix any mistakes or update your content with new information without deleting old posts.

The WordPress platform makes it easy to edit any aspect of your blog without losing any previous work.


After a post is published, you can go into the editor and make any necessary changes.

For example, if you realize after you’ve published a post that you’ve forgotten something important- such as a quote- you can easily fix it without compromising the original source files.

You can even change how an image looks by adding text or removing an image altogether.

These changes are saved and appear immediately when previewing the post on your blog.

While editing a post, you can choose to view recent posts from your dashboard.

This displays your most recently published posts so you can quickly edit any broken links or typos.

You can also create a new widget with just the newest posts from your blog.

This allows you to easily display your most recent posts to readers.

Plus, you can always go back and edit any of your past posts without damaging the source files.


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