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How To Get A Ufo Or Google's Footprint On Your Site - EN Jawaraspeed

How To Get A Ufo Or Google's Footprint On Your Site - EN Jawaraspeed

UFOs- or unidentified flying objects- are a part of modern pop culture.

Many people think that UFOs are spaceships from another planet.

However, someone from another planet wouldn’t need to travel through space to reach earth.

Instead, they probably use inter-dimensional or supernatural travel methods.

In addition, they don’t need to create physical evidence of their existence.

They can appear and disappear at will.

Most importantly, they don’t bother to explain themselves to us mere mortals.

If you want your footprint off of the internet, you should make sure nobody uploads a photo or video of your UFO sightings to Facebook or Google .

Many people do this when they see a UFO for the first time ever.

They post about it and tag the government or military to prove that it’s real.

This way, they can get extra attention and potentially get proof from a credible source.

In addition, governments and military bases sometimes create fake alien artifacts or crash sites as part of covert operations.

They may show these off at public events so that people will question them and leave incriminating evidence behind.

UFOs have become increasingly common over the past few years.

People saw thousands of sightings in 2017 alone.

Some people even photographed or videoed the objects themselves.

Even so, many people still doubt the evidence that we have seen.

Governments and the public have different opinions on how to explain these phenomena.

Some believe that unidentified flying objects are dangerous extraterrestrial vehicles.

Other believe that these are secret government projects that we aren’t allowed to know about.

Regardless of opinion, people have believed in UFOs for decades.

They’ve even inspired films like Independence Day and Steven Spielberg’s The War of the Worlds.

There are several ways you can stop unwanted UFO footprints from ruining your reputation.

First, create an official YouTube channel where you post videos of your sightings.

You can also add a short description to each video so people know what they’re looking at when they search for your footage.

You could also post photos on Instagram or Facebook with short captions explaining what you saw in detail.

Doing this will help people understand your sightings and prevent them from creating fake alien artefacts based on your photos.

If you’d like people to stop posting UFO sightings online without your permission, create an official channel where you post videos of your sightings and photos of your sightings explanationed in detail.

Plus, don’t let anyone use your name or image when they’ve actually witnessed something supernatural!


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