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How To Reduce A Website Footprint (Using 'No Follow' Html Attributes) - EN Jawaraspeed

How To Reduce A Website Footprint (Using 'No Follow' Html Attributes) - EN Jawaraspeed

*To limit how much information your website consumes, you’ll want to keep your content minimal.

You can do this by limiting the information you post and removing irrelevant images and links from your website.

Plus, you can minimize the size of your server’s files by deleting unnecessary files from your computer’s hard drive.

Additionally, setting a short password for your website’s login will deter hackers from targeting your web presence.

On March 18, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the dangers of overconsumption and launched a program to reduce it.

By reducing consumption, the world would create a better environment for future generations.

The program aims to reduce overconsumption in three areas: food, energy and materials.

Each of these areas requires creative thinking to reduce our usage of resources.

For example, countries have begun implementing strict bans on online food ordering services to reduce how much food they waste.

At the same hand, businesses can reduce their web footprint by limiting what they post on social media.

Many countries began tracking their citizens’ locations in 2018.

This allows governments to control consumer spending and promote healthy environments.

For example, India limited restaurants and caterers from accepting high-value payments in cash so they could track money flow more accurately.

Furthermore, governments use data from public transit systems to plan new transport systems.

This allows them to reduce emissions and promote healthier communities.

The world is rapidly developing new ways to consume and produce without contributing to global environmental degradation.

To cope with this global problem, governments and corporations are launching programs to reduce consumption in specific sectors- such as food or energy- in an effort to raise awareness and create a better world environment for future generations.

When you need to remain anonymous – especially when posting negative reviews or political opinions – minimizing your web footprint helps you stay under the radar.

You can do this by limiting the devices you use to browse the internet.

For example, you can use a Wi- atlas phone instead of an iPad or laptop computer when at a public place like an airport or restaurant.

You can also use a cheap smartphone for spotty internet access instead of a powerful one like an iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy S9 .

Additionally, using a private browsing mode on your browser limits how much information about you the website knows.


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