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This Is Huge Footprints! - EN Jawaraspeed

This Is Huge Footprints! - EN Jawaraspeed

# Climate change is a major global issue that requires immediate attention.

The changing climate poses serious risks for natural ecosystems and human life all over the world.

Many countries have already started to take action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but this is far from enough to combat the severe impacts of global warming.

Governments need to step up their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the resulting impact on the environment and society.

Natural disasters- such as extreme weather conditions and drought- are the first effects of global warming.

Rising sea levels and more frequent flooding damage homes and ecosystems alike.

Furthermore, hurricanes, typhoons and other severe storms are becoming more common and more destructive.

Changing weather patterns also cause widespread crop failures and nutritional deficiency in many communities.

Communities are forced to plan ahead and prepare for these changes, but they’re only just beginning to understand the magnitude of the problem.

As natural disasters become more frequent, more severe and more common, they’re also becoming harder to prevent.

Governments are starting to develop emergency plans, but they’re lacking sufficient information on climate change to implement them effectively.

Many issues arise from this; for example, countries may lack the resources needed to rescue people from natural disasters or may not have evacuation plans in place for citizens living near coastlines.

Additionally, these plans may be too restrictive or too lenient, which can lead to even more deaths as people try to bypass evacuation zones.


Higher temperatures expand disease zones and accelerate aging processes in humans and animals alike.

Food production decreases due to lessened crop growth, while health concerns rise due to increased air pollution from heat waves.

Higher sea levels flood coastlines with greater frequency, while storm surges send waves of death through coastal communities even faster than before.

Essentially, changing climate conditions are not only impacting communities; they’re actively destroying many communities all over the world.

Climate change is a major global issue that needs immediate attention.

Communities are struggling to adapt to major changes in weather patterns and natural disasters.

Governments lack sufficient information to effectively respond to the changes- which is why we need grassroots activism in addition to government measures.

Without immediate intervention, the world’s population will be subjected to ever harsher conditions that directly harm their health and natural ecosystems.


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